"OverKill", the new horror-comedy short film from Writer/Director/Editor, Alex Montilla ("Cheat Day", "Hot Tub Time Machine"), is a film with a comedic take on a familiar setup: when too-woke-for-their-own-good college kids are terrorized by an unstoppable masked killer, the final girl must outsmart him to survive. Only in this movie, the killer literally cannot be stopped (or killed).It's an 80's slasher movie by way of "Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner" cartoons.


Screenings 2020

VIRTUAL Screening
Nov. 27-30
Ticket info coming soon
VIRTUAL Screening
Nov. 11-14
Ticket info coming soon
Nov. 1 @11am-9pm
Lombard, IL
Ticket info coming soon
VIRTUAL Screening
Oct. 30-Nov. 1
Los Angeles, CA
Ticket info coming soon
Oct. 22 @6pm
Nov. 7 @2pm
Guaynabo & Mayagüez, Puerto Rico
Ticket info coming soon
VIRTUAL Screening
Oct. 10 @6pm
BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest - 2020 Laurel
VIRTUAL Screening
Oct. 9-11
Dublin, Ireland
Nominee: "Best Horror"
Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival - 2020 Laurel
Oct. 8 @7pm
Austin, TX
Winner: "Best Horror"
Austin Spotlight Film Festival - 2020 Laurel
VIRTUAL Screening
Oct. 7 @11am
Manchester, England
Grimmfest - 2020 Laurel
VIRTUAL Screening
Oct. 2 @9:23pm
Tri-Cities International Film Festival - 2020 Laurel
VIRTUAL Screening
Oct. 1-7
Nashville, TN
Academy Award Qualifying Festival
Nashville Film Festival - 2020 Laurel
VIRTUAL Screening
Sept. 26 @11pm
New Orleans, LA
Q&A Following Screening
NOLA Horror Film Fest - 2020 Laurel
Sept. 25 @7pm
A Night of Horror International Film Festival - 2020 Laurel
DRIVE-IN Screening
Sept. 25 @6pm
Long Beach, CA
Finalist: "Wes Craven Horror/Thriller" Award
Screening before 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'!
Catalina Film Festival - 2020 Laurel
VIRTUAL Screening
Sept. 24-Oct. 4
Mile High Horror Film Festival - 2020 Laurel
VIRTUAL Screening
Sept. 18 @8pm
Cincinnati, OH
Winner: "Best SFX"
Nominee: "Best Short"
Nominee: "Best Actress"
Horrorhound Film Festival 2020 Best SFX Award
VIRTUAL Screening
Sept. 17-27
San Diego Latino Film Festival - 2020 Laurel
Sept. 6 @12:45pm
Winchester, VA
Nominee: "Best Comedy Short"
GenreBlast Film Festival - 2020 Laurel
Sept. 4 @11:55pm
Atlanta Underground Film Festival - 2020 Laurel
VIRTUAL Screening
Sept. 1-8
Santa Ana, CA
Runner Up: "Best Effects: Short Film"
Nominee: "Funniest Horror Comedy"
Horrible Imaginings Film Festival - 2020 Laurel
Aug. 30
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Winner: "Best SFX"
Nominee: "Best Short Film"
Nominee: "Best Horror"
Nominee: "Most Memorable Film"
Yellow Fever Indie Film Festival 2020 Best SFX Award
DRIVE-IN Screening
Aug. 25 @8pm
Hillsdale, NJ
Winner: "Best Short Film"
Big Apple Film Festival - Best Short Film Winner Award 2020
VIRTUAL Screening
Aug. 24-30
American Horror Film Festival 2020 Laurel
DRIVE-IN Screening
Aug. 20 @8:45pm
Barrington, NH
Happenstance Horror Fest 2020 Laurel
VIRTUAL Screening
Aug. 7-Sept. 6
Rincón, Puerto Rico
Winner: "Audience Choice Best Horror"
Rincón International Film Festival - Audience Choice Best Horror Award
VIRTUAL Screening
June 26-July 31
Badalona, Spain
Cryptshow Festival 2020 Laurel
VIRTUAL Screening
Starting June 24 @10pm
Julien Dubuque Film Festival 2020 Laurel
VIRTUAL Screening
June 17 @6:30pm
Portland Horror Film Festival 2020 Laurel
Phoenix, AZ
Ticket info coming soon
Feb. 29 @4:20pm
Los Angeles, CA
Winner: "Best Horror Short"
Nominee: "Best Picture"
Nominee: "Best Sound Design"
jellyFEST 2020 Best Horror Short Award
Feb. 15 @8pm
Sanford, FL
Winner: "Best Scene"
Love Your Shorts Film Fest 2020 Best Scene Award
Feb. 14 @9:50pm
Jackson, MI
Meggaxp's Blood Bash - Semi-Finalist 2020
Feb. 1 @12pm
Seattle, WA
Winner: "Audience Favorite"
Grave Plot Film Fest 2020 Audience Favorite Award

Screenings 2019

Dec. 7 @6:30pm ish
Portland, OR
Nominee: "Best Editing"
Oregon Scream Week - Best Editing Award Finalist Winter 2019
Nov. 16 @10:30pm
Gorizia, Italy
Be Afraid Horror Fest 2019 Laurel
Nov. 2 @4pm
Sanford, FL
Shriekfest Best Horror Short Film 2019 Laurel
Nov. 2 @2:30pm
London, England
Nominee: "Best Horror Comedy Short Film"
Nominated Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2019 Laurel
Oct. 24 @11pm
Nightmares Film Festival 2019 Laurel
Oct. 23 @6pm
Marina del Rey, CA
Marina del Rey Film Festival 2019 Laurel
Oct. 18 @7:30pm
New Orleans, LA
Winner: "Best Short"
Screamfest 2019 Award
Oct. 12 @7pm
North Bend, WA
DreadFest 2019 Laurel
Sept. 28 @1pm
Los Angeles, CA
Winner: "Best Horror Short Film"
Shriekfest 2019 Award


"The Virgin"

Amy Letcher

Born and raised between South Africa and Zimbabwe, Amy Letcher grew up climbing trees, running barefoot down dirt roads in the rain, and writing stories in the long grass of the African countryside. Having trained at AFDA (South African School of Live Performance and Motion Picture Medium) and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, Amy has gone on to win 'Best Overall Adult Actress' at the 2015 AMTC Summer SHINE International Convention in Florida, nab lead roles in several films hitting the festival circuit in coming months, appear in numerous television series, including the Emmy award winning Black Sails, and create and star in her own solo show.

"The Killer"

Will Coffin

Will has deep roots in Hollywood and the arts. His great grandfather was one of the original Real Estate developers of Hollywood and his father was the lead sound engineer for Dylan's '79 world tour. He started his acting career at an early age while living in New Zealand, taking a leading role in an all-male production of Guys and Dolls, then going on to play many supporting roles in musicals throughout the years. He also has a knack for hacking and DIY and has collaborated with Alex Montilla on several productions assisting with set design and construction as well as technical design and special effects. He has been featured in several of the student films produced by emerging young filmmakers Alex Montilla and Max Landis. He looks forward showing his range in "OverKill" and finding creative ways to add to the blood, gore and mayhem.



Alex Montilla

Alex Montilla has been making movies since high school when he and his friends took over the morning announcements. Through that process, Alex learned the basics of filmmaking: acting, writing, directing, editing, visual effects, name it. All of these skills came in handy when he attended the University of Miami's film school. After making the leap to Los Angeles, he worked in the editing room for studio films like "Hot Tub Time Machine" and "The Muppets", on the sets of "Hop" and "The Hangover Part III" and as an Assistant Editor for ESPN's Grantland. All the while, Alex continues to write, direct and edit his own films. His last effort, "Cheat Day", was a hit with audiences and he looks forward to sharing "OverKill" with the world.

Story Concept/Web Designer

Jason Montilla

Jason has been an innovator and leader in the information technology field since 1996. His skills in web development, graphic design, music, and writing have let him work on many exciting projects. Jason helped to create the Digital Media program at the University of Central Florida, did conceptual digital interactive development for Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando, graphic and web development for Walt Disney World, and creative work on "Cheat Day." Most recently, Jason has been involved in community theater and improv in the Central Florida area for Mimi's Community Theater.

Chris Ranier

Chris Ranier is an avid guitarist, composer and producer with over ten years of professional experience and a degree in orchestra composition. He has shared the stage with many guitar greats, been nationally published in a music instruction book, and played on network television. When he's not on stage, Chris writes and records songs and score for everything from commercials to film, several of which have won awards or been featured in film festivals. For "OverKill", Chris will be looking to classic synth-driven horror scores for inspiration to create a nostalgic horror feel similar to that of a classic John Carpenter score. Chris is excited to be once again collaborating with Alex Montilla on their fourth and most exciting film yet.